Sunday, March 10, 2013

From the very beginning...

Hi guys! Well welcome to my blog! Its taken me a while to do this as a) wasn't sure how and b) was a bit nervous starting one, but since this subject is my obsession I thought what have I got to lose? well nothing really! So this first post is about how I got into crafting. I live literally in the middle of nowhere and our little town has a very cool neighborhood centre where I volunteer and the girls asked me to join the craft class.... well that's how it all started! I started off doing Beyond the Page stuff (badly I must add) and it took a while for me to develop my style and skills (with the help of my hubby! big shout out to him who has the patience of a Saint!!) and found that I wasn't too bad at it and started building up a collection of crafty stuff.

After this I realized I had my own little style going on- vintage but funky but cute - if that makes sense?! and attended one of the Adult Learners Week classes at the above centre. and there it was born! My passion for stamping and making cards! I just adore it and love the colouring aspect and the creating and find it very relaxing and hours pass and its so lovely to hear someone fall in love with your work or ask for help. I never for a moment thought people would ask me for advice, the girls at the centre do and it astonished me and I was a bit embarrassed at first as never thought I was good enough to warrant this. Then when the asked hour I would feel about maybe doing a card class I thought well maybe I can do this!

So... Welcome to my world of craft, all things bling and pretty and vintage-styley! Lets just say your have entered my world and theres no going back without a little bit of glitter or bling attached to you!

Have fun craft buddies!

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