Sunday, April 28, 2013

Magnolia Down Under Challenge - Buttons!

Hiya guys

so its time for the next challenge from MDUC and this one is as cute as a button! its Buttons!!!!

So here is my entry!

So isn't she cute! Firstly why did I pick this image? well I just love her but also love her little buttons on her UGGs.

Right the paper I used is the new collection from KC and is called 'Needle and Thread' which goes hand in hand with buttons right. On this paper the designs are of thread bobbins and of course buttons so I had to use it.In the very background you will see that the paper is covered in beautiful vintage colours and has flowers and buttons all over it. The piece after this is also from the same range and is gorgeous flowers again in those vintage shades. 

I then used the tag die from Magnolia's collection and cut this out twice using two different colour papers from the same collection. On one I places the sticker from the KC N and T collection, the sticker reads Cute as a button' and tied some pale purple ribbon through the hole. The second tag is placed in the top left corner with a button on it and the word 'button' spelt out in vintage letters.

Next I used my Spellbinders die and stamped the image of Tilda in UGGs on it in 'Memento Expresso Truffle' which is my fave ink colour to use.  I then used the following Copic colours to colour my image.

Skin; YR000, E21, R20. R30. R01
Hair: R27. E08, YR61, YR02
Dress: RV 34, RV 21
Butterfly: YR68, Y35 YG03
Little butterflies: B12
Boots: E37, E33
Button on boots: RV04

I then added my stickles in 'Diamond' to her boots and her earrings are in 'perfect pearls- Flamingo'.I also added the same colour Perfect Pearls to the top right hand corner.

I then applied a layer of buttons at the bottom to finish off. I kept to the nice and gentle colours which tied in nicely with the 'Needle and Thread' collection. Finally to add a bit more sparkle (it wouldn't be ifindoubtbling otherwise!) I added the Diamond stickles to some of the holes in the buttons.

This is definitely one of my fave challenges and I just adore this KC collection.

Love D xx

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tilda's Town Challenge - May Day/flowers


Hope everyone is well? Good.

So the next exciting challenge dealt to us by the lovelies at Tilda's Town is May Day/Flowers. So lets start with a little history on May Day (Ive got a BA in History sorry guys I just cant help myself lol!) So  May Day is an ancient Northern Hemisphere spring festival.  It is usually a bank holiday. Its roots though, go back many years and is related to the Celtic Festival 'Beltane'. What I remember about May Day is the Morris Dancing and at the forefront the May Pole so I have integrated the May Pole into my card. I hope you enjoy.

Love D xx

Well this is just a another gorgeous stamp from the Magnolia team. She is so cute! 

For the basic body of the card I used KC cardstock.  The gorgeous paper that lines the background is from the Prima range 'Fairy Rhymes'. This collection jumped out at me as when you see a May Day celebration its very floaty, fairy, think Midsummer Nights Dream, Dreamy. And this collection is that in a nutshell. At the very back Ive used the very lovely dusty coloured paper as I think it gives a lovely misty/dreamy feeling to it.  Next in line is the lovely journal style paper. This ive added some sparkly mesh material as that what its all about.  After this there is a layer of beautiful almost watercolour style flowers on a gorgeous vintage yellow background. As you can see I have distressed the edge of this paper. Instead of using my usual fave in Vintage Photograph by Tim Holtz I have used the pink 'spun sugar' from the same range. I just love this colour. It adds a fairy element that May Day seems to be about. 

Then there is a layer of pale purple lace.

Next is Tilda. As you can see Tilda is stamped on a die cut piece. I used the Spellbinders fancy oval range.  Now as May Day is linked to the tradition of May Pole I linked different colour ribbon through the die cut to represent the twist and tying of the May Pole. 

In the bottom corners I used the Prima flowers in fairy. These are a gorgeous pink colour. I then added a couple of pale purple flowers from my own personal stash.  Beside this you can see a little tinkerbell charm. In the top corners I used one of the metal paperclips that come with the 'Fairy Rhymes' collection. I then added the pale pink dew drops to add dimension. 

Now for the colouring details for gorgeous 'Sweetpea Tilda'

Skin: YR000, R01, R20, R30, E21
Dress: G07, YG23, YG11
Shoes: BV00, V17
Hat: YG11, YG02, YG23
Flowers: RV16, RV04
Hair: R27, E08, YR02, YR61
Stick: V12, BV00

As Tilda is in her May Day scene I added 'Lavender Lace' perfect pearls for earrings and then added stickles 'Diamond' to her hat, walking stick and pink leaves.

Love D xx

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Craft 102 aka my advanced kit

Morning guys, ANZAC day today. Let make it a peaceful one for everyone around the world and hope that some learn from recent actions.

Anyhow, thought I would do a follow or a part  2 to my craft kit essentials. This one is for when you move up a level. Once you have the basics down then its time to move on to this which will take you craft projects to the next level.

So here we have what to me is what comes next after you have been crafting for a bit. This is for a couple of reasons 1) they are tricky and 2) they are expensive so no point in investing in these if you are not sure if craft is a passion or not. You don't have to have these in your kit whatever level you are on but it adds a whole new level to your work.

Firstly, The cuttlebug - the green guy at the back- this is an amazing piece of kit and I personally love mine. It can emboss paper/cardstock/material/film. Embossing folders come in every conceivable style/pattern you could wish and add a lovely background to whatever you are creating. Also the Cuttlebug die cuts. Theres is, like the folder, a die for every occasion and they are metal and brilliant. I love mine and my fave are the tags. I just love the styles you can get to add a sentiment.

Secondly. the Scor-Pal. This is a simple thing but makes you card folds neat and crisp. It comes with a bone scorer. They come in metric and imperial and since im an English girl I went for Cm.

Third, which might not be advanced but the washi tape. For me this wasn't something I used straight away. I stuck to the obvious stuff and then discovered it when I wanted to added more embellishment to my projects.  Its paper tape and again comes in so many different styles and prints its crazy.

and finally, my heat gun1 This is a darling piece of kit and is brilliant for embossing. You basically take you clear ink stamp and stamp image as usual. Then tap you embossing powder over the whole image make sure you it a GENEROUS covering and then tap off the excess and pop back into your pot to use for later. Then taking you heat gun CAREFULLY heat the image that you have just stamped. CAREFUL as it gets hot fast. Then once you see it changing stop and you have a beautiful image to add to your card.

Hope that helps, if confused shout out and I will explain more or if you want to know about what inks/folders/dies/powders I use do the same.

Love D x

Monday, April 22, 2013

magnolia down under challenge - recycle baby 2

Now here is my 2nd entry to the recycle challenge. Here I have recycled a few different things.

First there is the awesome tree. This was on a card my mother in law sent us for Christmas! I couldn't resist but stealing it off the front! LOVE it! lol. Second only just peeping out is the ribbon from our Christmas cake! washed but still smells of rum lol! Third, another ribbon, the gold one was on a present, forth is the buttons that was on a apron that has seen better days. and finally the clip, it was a bit of a dodgy one as spring wasn't tight enough to hold up cards, as it is from Coles selection of card clips. Knew it would come in usual one day lo!

So a you can see I used the lovely little Tilda who is decorating the tree. She is one of my faves. So cute!!! For her hair I used YR21, E55, E50. For her fairy wings I used R20 and when dried I put some of stickles on in 'fairy dust'.  For her lovely top I used R46 as the all over colour and then used R89 to highlight where the natural folds in the material would be. Her tights which are just so sweet are coloured in the lovely festive colours G14 and G17. For the heels on her socks I again used R46 and highlighted the folds again with R89.

For her hair bow I used the same colour green, G14 to tie it in with her socks.  The baubles in her basket are coloured BV02, G14, RV 04, BG01 and Y35 with her basket itself coloured in YR23.

In her hand she has a silver star that was once on a decoration that met its demise last year when dropped.

Hope you enjoy my recycled items card!!

Love d xx

Magnolia Down Under challenge blog - Recycle Baby!


Now its recycle time at Magnolia Down Under's Challenge blog!
This did stump me for a bit I will admit! But finally it came to me! my old candle! I got this for the gardens ages ago with a candle holder I had been eyeing up. Loved the holder but the candle was just a boring old one that ended up being shoved at back of cupboard and the holder is now a pretty little plant pot!
So I have to say thank goodness for Youtube! Here I found the directions to be able to jazz up this boring candle.
1) Firstly take some tissue paper and stamp your stamp on the SHINEY side as this will not absorb the ink as much. Then cut round image and place on candle.
2) Take some baking paper and wrap it round candle and pull tightly on it.
3) CAREFULLY take your heat gun and slowly heat the image. You can see when its done and it doesn't take very long. BE VERY CAREFUL AS WAX GETS HOT.
4) Remove your baking paper and there you have it a personal stamped candle for someone.
For tine I added some stickles glitter glue in magenta and added some rhinestones around it to make it look jazzy.
As it is the image of pink Ribbon Tilda that I used I have tied up the finished product with an old pink hair ribbon.
And that is how you recycle an old candle and make it something lovely.
Love D

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tilda's Town blog Challenge - Fairytale


Hope we are all having a great weekend!!! well ive been working hard on my card for Tilda's town challenge and here it is!!!

Now this is one of my faves! 

To make this card I actually used one of my spare pieces of card. I have lots of pieces with holes in them from cutting my base for other cards, so used this as a window for this card.

Now For the card stock it is Bazzill bling which gives a gorgeous shine. Its subtle but gorgeous.

Now as you can see I masked Tilda and her castle stairway so it looks like so is waiting for her Prince at the bottom of the stairs.  For her hair I used E50, YR21, E55. For her skin it was my usual combo of YR000, R20, R30, R01 and this was for both Tilda and Edwin. 

Her dress is a gorgeous purple colour- as purple is a Royal colour and she is a Princess- its BV04, BV00, BV08, V15 and the BV08 is used on her socks and gloves too. 

Edwin hair is  BV 29 and BV21. His coat is B02, B05 and his pants are B29 and B24.  his Cravat is BV04 to tie in with Tilda's dress.  His gloves and lapels are Y17. His boots are E47 and E35 as this gives a lovely combo and shadow so looks like they are naturally wrinkled.  .

Now for the background behind Tilda.  The trees at the back are coloured in YG03 and the bushes are YG63. Bricks are BV60 so it gives that 'shadow cast by moon look' The sky is in my fave colour 'Cool Shadow'. Next I coloured the steps in BV31 and the handrail, being that she is a Princess is gold in Y28.

Now my fave part- embellishments. I used a glittery veil to cover the circle in the card, I added gorgeous pink and purple flowers to the corner and added some leaves. Above this you can see the Magnolia Ink chandeliers just peeping out.  I then cut using my cuttlebug and Magnolia tag die and printed 'once upon a time' on it. To tie in with the use of the royal colour purple I added liquid Pearls in 'Lavender Lace' around it. In the top corner you can see the lovely sparkly crown. Around the circle I added in latte coloured pearls.

On Tilda she has crystals from the Swarovski crystals as earrings and purple rhinestones as the buckles on her shoes.  To add a bit of magic to it I used 'atyou spica' pens in Purple for Tildas shows and for the glass slipper Edwin is holding. Both Edwin and Tilda have red rhinestones in their crowns.

And lastly to the top right hand corner I added a Princess charm to it.

Hope you enjoy!

Love D xx

Happy days!

Morning guys!!!  Hope  we are all well?

Another glorious day here in the Pilbara. Now I am feeling very pleased with myself... I can actually move from my gym session yesterday! last time I was walking like cowboy Edwin lol!

So todays challenge in this household is... get washing done and create a fairytale card for Tilda's Town challenge. Now I am still waiting on my new collection stamps to arrive but got an idea!!!

Stay tuned guys!!!!

Love D


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Craft 101 aka my kit

Hi guys!!

Hope we are all well? Another hot day in the Pilbara that's for sure, so instead of being out in the heat Im here with you!

So instead of uploading a card thought I would do a little post on what is in my kits, the stuff that I have with me when I craft.

So lets get started.

Firstly, I have the main things that I cannot craft without. My KC paper trimmer, this thing is a God send as it cuts beautifully but not only that it comes with 3 kinds of blades. Firstly, the straight edge, this is what I use I would say 95%  of the time.  Next is the scallop blade. This cuts lovely wavy lines that are neat and tight. Lastly the crease and fold blade, this is a must for me as it gives lovely neat creases.  Then I have my craft knife. This is from Fiskars and is awesome as ergonomically shaped and can get new blade for when you need them. Its rubber handle is perfect for all those crafting hours spent as it doesn't make your hand sore.  It has a great cap to fit over so safe to pop in you pencil case. Along with this is the cutting matt. You can get all styles, makes, and sizes but I love my mat from EK Success for a number of reasons 1) its self healing, 2) its a big size, 3) it wipes clean easy 4) it has allsorts of measurements on it and 5) its pink!

Next scissors. Now you can get many brands but I love KC range. I have the regular size and the small too. I find using two different sizes is the best way. The small ones can get those intricate parts that are just to delicate for regular ones. Having these has changed my life. Remember gang, that if possible always turn your paper as you cut as makes for a neater end result.

Now next in my kit is my tweezers. This picks up the tiny little bits and bobs that we all use. I use mine for the tiny little flat backs that I use. 

My bone stick comes next. Yes that's what I call it. It gives you a lovely neat edge, a nice crisp look in a fold and also helps when positioning things into tight corners. A must! I use Martha Stewards and love it!

Also from Martha Steward I have the awesome circle cutter. This has changed my crafting life! How hard is it to cut a lovely circle? well this makes it sooo easy!!!

Then I have to admit this is my fave fave fave thing in my kit. So simple but so great! My paper distresser. Now they might not look it but they produce some of the prettiest results. I have two kinds as I find one gives a harder distress than the other. My opinion so go with what you find best.  I have a 'Making Memories' and  'Heidi Swapp' one too. The Heidi one is the one I find can give that really rugged look, and is the one I used on my Australia Tilda card a few posts back.

Now I am not a fan of mess. The girls at my craft class will tell you I do not like getting messy. A crafter who doesn't like getting messy was a revelation but I some how manage to keep tidy. Blame my dad I inherited it from him! So ink and me were enemies for a lonnnnngg time as I couldn't distress my paper and stay walked the 'inkssentials' tool and my life is happy! This tool is a little handle with a piece of Velcro attacked and you can pat on your ink and distress the edges of you paper, create sky, create grass and stay clean! The pads wash lovely and dry fast but you can all so buy them from your local craft store.

And lastly, in the pic you can see my Copics. These are my babies! I LOVE them. blend them, move the ink and these babies are brill. Yes they cost a bit but my are they worth it. You don't have to buy them in packs can buy them individually whatever works for you.

So basically that's my kit. I have other stuff but that's a level up really. This post was like 'Craft 101' for getting started.

Love D xx

Monday, April 15, 2013

Magnolia Down Under Challenge -Masking- Card 2

Hey guys!!

Well ive got the masking bug! I have been waiting for a chance to use this background and this challenge from Magnolia Down Under Challenge's seemed the perfect opportunity. Sit back and relax and enjoy Edwin and his lizard in their tropical travel log with Graphic 45 papers! Enjoy!

As you can see the base of the card is the gorgeous dark Navy cardstock from KC. Perfect for a boys card.  The Paper picked for this is from 'Graphic 45 Tropical Travel log, which is a pad full of beautiful exotic coloured papers. Now im a print fan so I chose this giraffe print for the background colour as Edwin is in the middle of the jungle to me in this.  I then used the papers which have the passports pages on it and distressed it with 'vintage photograph' Ink from the Tim Holtz collection. This adds a worn, well thumbed/well travelled look to it and you can just see the visa sign peeping out.  I then used the 'wild thing' sentiment stamp from magnolia to a luggage tag style paper.  I embellished with the lovely dark green ribbon and tropical blue flowers.  As always I added a charm to the card and this one is a postcard charm.

AAt the very top of the card (which can just be seen) I added green brads to it and in the same area but at the bottom of it I added some lovely gold rhinestones to pick up with the gold colour in the card.

Now colouring wise theres a lot to do with this background. Here is the colour combo I used for this card.

Skin: YR000,  E21,  R20,  R01,   R30.
Hair: YR21,  E55, E35,  YR23
Lizard:  W1,  W5,  G94
Lizard Tongue:  RV 95
Waterfall:  BG01
Trees:   BG96 ,  Y35
Tree trunk:  YG95
Land:  YG11, E31, YG67, E37, G94, G17
Grass:  YG00,  BG96,  YG03,  YG63,
Pants:  G85,   G99,  BG93
Boots- Sole:  BV23
Boots:  E71
Belt:  E39
Laces: R46
Jumper:  B12,  B05,  B29
Tee:  BV 08. BV 12

Phew!!! what a list!  For the clouds I gently sponged on Tim Holtz 'Tumbled glass' ink.

Lastly to the water I added my usual Stickles in Diamond to give it that lovely glittery water look. I added Dimensional Magic to the lizard and the clouds.  I distressed the edge of the image again with vintage photograph ink from the Tim Holtz range.

and here is my mask that I used! Same principle as before, stamp image to use , put to one side, stamp image to mask on a sticky notelet and attach to main image. Ink up your background stamp and gently marry up the two and like magic Edwin is transport to paradise! Enjoy!

Love D xx


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Magnolia Down Under Challenge - Masking

Good afternoon!

Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday?

So here is my entry into the MDUC - Masking! I have used Circus Tilda and she is sitting up a tree. Being in the circus Tilda can get anywhere!!!

Here you can see my image of Tilda that I have stamped onto a notelet. The sticky part at top helps as it stays on the image that you want to use, therefore allowing you to stamp the next image, im my case the tree branch, onto the paper without ruining the first image. I use lines as I find it helped me marry up the two images so no gaps or not too high.

For this card I used the Splitcoaststampers tutorial of a twisted easel card, this is on their website. 

Here we go with the colouring guide. For her skin its my usual combo (YR000, E21, R30, R01, R20) and her hair again my usual (R27, E08, YR61, YR02). Then I went to work on the branch.  For this I used E35, E08, E59, E57.  Her dress is lovely and fresh, for some reason when I was working on this I kept thinking of home (England) and of spring and the colours of the Daffodils. So that was the inspiration behind her dress. The colours are Y02 first this is across the whole of the dress. I then went back over with the darker colour of YR04 and added in where the creases would naturally be. Then again used the Y02 to blend it in.  For the band and the frills on her dress I used V12, AND V06.  Her hair band is done in Rose pink and her shoes match her frills and band with V06. 

Once this had dried I decorated my card. On the base of the card you will see feathers. Circus performers always have feathers in their head pieces to I used KC  new collection 'Elegance' and to tie in the top of the card I added some feathers and a small piece of cheese cloth.  I then attached Tilda to the top of the card and added beautiful paper blooms from my personal collection.

Then onto the base. To give the twisted easel card something to stand up against, to give it a small amount of support I added a green ribbon and a slightly paler green button.

The sentiment inside is also printed on KC 'Elegance' collection and I used a La La Land stamp which reads ' Life is a journey'.

Finally, I added some bling to the sentiment and to the flowers. I used my diamond Stickles on the leaves,  headband, and her shoes The I added a leaf shaped charm to finish off the card.

Love  D xx

Bunny Zoe Craft challenge! Fave colour combos!

Woohoo happy Sunday people!

So here is my entry for Bunnyzoe Craft challenge- fave colour combos!!!!

So here it is.  My fave colour combos as modeled by the gorgeous Tilda with pink ribbon.  My colours are - YR000, E21, R20, R01, R30 for her skin, Her hair R27,E08,YR61,YR02, Her romper suit FAVE FAVE COMBO ALERT! (lol) BG10, BG15 and mixed with her bow RV34,RV00,RV07 I think are just the sweetest colours.  Her boots are BV02, BV04, Her trim on her little suit is BV02.

Now to the bow I added Plaids Dimensional magic. this stuff is AMAZING!! it add light and gives it an almost 3D look to it. 

To decorate the card itself I used KC new collection 'Needle and thread' which is vintage and a bit shabby chic which I adore.  I used La La Land crafts 'have a wonderful day stamp and KC hot pink ink to the doo hickey die which is just peeking out to the left hand side of the pic behind the cheese cloth.  Since this stamp is about pink ribbon it wouldn't be the same without adding a pink ribbon to it to look like Tilda's bow.  If you look to the right hand side under the blue flowers (from my personal stash as are the pink) you will see the darling little flamingo charm added to it. This is from Bunnyzoe Craft in UK. 

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did when colouring.

Love D xx

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Playing catch up!

Morning guys!

Hope this post finds you all well.  Just to say, I am playing a bit of catch up here so I am going to add the details to the posts with just pics.  I promise!!!

Today is a none craft day * sad face* as must get some gardening done!!! Those Pilbara weeds are showing their faces again. On that note, it got me thinking about maybe doing another jungle style card... thinking Edwin again, bit of animal print going on! So keep checking back as it will be happening, once my new jungle stamp arrives.

Today apart from gardening is overall washing, hubby got new overalls for work so giving them a wash as currently feel like cardboard. Then maybe indulge in a bit of tv 'The great British bake off' is calling my name and telling me to grab a cuppa! lol. Then a good old English comfort food dish for tea 'bangers and mash'

So hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend!

Remember keep checking back to see what card is next!

Love D xx

Friday, April 12, 2013

Magnolia Down Under Challenge DT call - Card 2

Well since the DT call is for Magnolia Down under I thought it was only right to do an Aussie inspired card!!!

For this card I used Tilda with Kangaroo. 

For the card body itself I used Bazzill Bling card stock in Evergreen its give a lovely shimmery background to any card does the Bling collection. This was cut to 15.5 x 15.5 cm.

Once this was done I chose my papers. Now as we live in the Pilbara I thought the KC collection of 'Great Southern' was just spot on.  If you don't know about the Pilbara here is a few things. The place is very green surprisingly enough, but it is also very red as its Iron Ore here. The sunsets and Sunrise are amazing and we have lots of beautiful trees and the place is steeped in Aborginal history. So I chose the beautiful wildflowers paper and cut this into a strip and layered this at the very back. With the 'Great Southern' papers you get some very cool tags with each of the state, its a little map so of course being WA this was cut and places in the top right hand corner.  On top of this went the beautiful wildflowers paper. Now to show the sunset and sunrise, I then chose the gorgeous bright orange and red paper. This is like what you would imagine the sun would be like. Its got all those glorious colours that lights this place up morning and night.  The final  piece of paper is the old style Australia map. This is the WA section. This is the main piece behind the stamped image of Tilda.  For all of these pieces I distressed them all and inked carefully round the edge with 'Distress inks in Vintage Photograph' this gives it the perfect look at looks like the Pilbara as everything goes red up here from the iron ore.

Then on to Tilda. I stamped her with my Expresso Truffle ink pad and let her dry. I then set to work on her skin. For this I used my usual fave combo of YR000, E21, R01, R20 and R30. Then I started her hair. Think by now you guys know I love Tilda as a red head! so the combo of Copics used are R27, R02, E08, YR61. I JUST LOVE THIS COMBO! 

Now Tilda is a girly girl but she does have to wear the right stuff for the job and Tilda's clothes are to fit in up here! White is not an option here! So I give her the same colour that our Karjini National park rangers wear.  I used YG63,YG 95, YG67 for her top and added the beautiful crimson to the edge as she is true to her girly-ness. Then for her pants I used YR07 and YR22. Her boots were coloured in YG 63. and lastly her Kangaroo friend.  He was coloured in E55 and YR21.  Again by now you know I like to make her glow so I coloured her 'Aura' in Y00. Now as I say a bit of sparkle is always needed so I added Stickles 'Diamond' to the button on her boots.

Next, I took some KC organza ribbon in red and laid a piece behind where Tilda will be places. I pasted her to the card and then started with the flowers. Wildflowers are huge here so that is what inspired this part. I laid white flowers and a red flower from my personal stash, If you look closely at the bottom of the card you can see a little Koala charm. Having a hard time picking between to charms I added the shape of Australia charm to the top left hand corner. To finish I took some KC 'Hunter and Gatherer' collection jewels and used the darkest to add that little bit extra to the card. I also stamped out one of Magnolia's boomerang stamps and coloured this in copper and light cream with a R27 red trim and placed this in the top left corner just above the little Australia charm.

Now I shall add the pic next once my camera battery is charged! Don't go anywhere!!!!........

.......Woohooo! Camera is charged!!!! and here she is!

Love D xx

Magnolia Down Under Challenge DT call

Well I have been a busy bee crafting away this morning! Ask my hubby lol! toast this morning rather than pancakes!!!

For my entry into the MDUC DT call I decided to work with the adorable Tilda with lots of hearts. Tilda is always up to something!! lol.

For this card I used again, my fave of KC cardstock and cut it to the relevant size that I like. Same size as my other cards. 

I then used KC collection 'Lake house' as a background strip. It has metallic flowers on so it adds a bit of extra bling to it but all a extra dimension when the light catches it.  The I added a white feather from my own stash to soften up the edge of it and make it look more romantic.  I then added some lace from 'Live and Love crafts' to the very edge. This has a sparkle in the middle of each piece of lace - you know I love my bling!

After this I then used a Sizzx embossing folder with lots of hearts all over to add some body to the card.  This was then layered up behind the main part and in front of the Lake House piece. I slightly tilted it as I prefer it this was. I then added some cheesecloth to the left hand corner of the card. Cheese cloth is such a wonderful tool to play around with..

Then I used another piece of the Lake House collection to sit directly behind where my stamped image of Tilda is going to be. 

Next I stamped out my image using Memento ink in ' Espresso Truffle' which is my fave colour to stamp with. I let the ink dry before I got to work with my copics.

For Tilda's skin I stuck with my fae colour combo YR000,E21,R01, R20,R30. I layered the colour so it doesn't look obvious and went back across with my YR000 to blend any parts that look too dark. For her dress I used BV00 first and this set the colour so I could add darker patches to her where material would naturally crease. To add the creases I used V15 and V17just along the edge and then went back over with my BV00.  Then I set to work on here boots. Firstly G000 to get that lovely muted colour and then in the creases of her boots I used the darker G21. again like before followed with the G000 to blend.

Her hearts are coloured with RV10 and R85. I just love R85!

The trim of her dress is R27.

Now her hair.. I like Tilda with red hair, she just looks mischievous ! I use R02, R16, R27 and E08. Starting with the lightest colour and adding the darker where the hair would naturally be dark if a person tied it back. I then added the layers of each colour and went back over with my lightest colour like before to blend. 

I also live to give Tilda what I call an 'aura' and for this I use feather like strokes in Y00. She just glows!

Once this was done I mounted Tilda into the middle of the card and added some glitter. I just love Stickles in 'Diamonds' - because which girl doesn't like Diamonds!!!

Finally touches where the addition of paper blooms from my own stash and a beautiful piece of bling too. I added Dew drops to the bottom of the card which are gorgeous pale pink coloured glass like beads.

Very final touch was adding the 'Love' charm to the top of the card. 

Hope you enjoy!

Love D xx

Saturated Canary - Cherry Blossom

Hi guys! thought I best fill my post lol! Keep doing a bit in between other jobs so bear with me lol. 

This gorgeous stamp is from 'Saturated Canary'. Their stamps are just divine. Such a special bunch of products. 

When I bought this stamp I had my dad in mind. Dad is a water colour painter and not too shabby at it either. In fact he has got a talent and produces some gorgeous stuff. Now he is retired fingers crossed we shall see more. So anyhow, he was talking about buying this Japanese style brush stand for his brushes that a mate brought back from Japan as a retirement present.

Cherry blossom here is so delicate and pretty. I mainly stuck to pinks as that is the colour of the gorgeous Cherry Blossom tree in the garden back home in England. Again she is coloured using Copics. Enjoy!

Fathers day present - My dad! BTP product and 'Basecoat'

Again this is for my dad! Since he has retired he is never really off his bike. Loves it and is far too fit for his own good lol. Plus he is a huge book worm so had to do these for him.  Now as you can see when the pic was taken I hadn't totally finished it but all was left to do was the very little squares at the join.

The bike itself is painted in Jo Sonja's acrylics metallic and black. I masked the joints of the bike to could keep nice neat lines.  When it was dry I then added bling to the wheels in the form of black rhinestones. I positioned these in a certain way- to make it look like tyre treads I has two together and one underneath and they make very cute tyres.

The body of the bookends is painted again in JS acrylic paint. I just love this colour blue!

Now for the papering.  For the grass I used KC 'Class act'. Now for the side part I used the gorgeous stone paper from 'Basecoat' collection.

Now on the base of the book ends I added a newspaper, some gold specs, and little books. These are from my personal stash found while looking on line. Enjoy! xx

Father Day present KC 'Basecoat' and BTP product

Here is Phil and his dad!!! This was taken when they came across on hol! See the good old Pilbara red dirt in background!

This is one of my faves.  I think that Basecoat works lovely for it. There is 3 pieces of Basecoat here- can you spot the less obvious one?

The little hammer and pick are from my personal stash. And the sentiments are good old KC. I added these as Basecoat didn't come with any collectables so I got inventive!

Love D xx

Father Day card- Father in Law - KC 'Sears and Son'

Now, how fab is 'Sears and Son' I just adore this collection!!!! This is the card for Phil's dad. Very traditional make colours that just looks fab in a card.  As you can see its got the mustache collectables on it. I used the sticker sheet that comes with the collection to add sentiments to the card. In the bottom right hand corner there is a fob watch which I added bling to, to highlight the image. These are just KC rhinestones but give such a lovely effect.

Love dxx

Father's day card - My Dad! KC 'Sears and Son' collection

Do you see a theme with my stuff I make for my dad?! Yes a bike!! And he always wore a tie to work! he has many I can tell you! This again is 'Sears and Son' and I used the collectables and added the little ties to the card. I have gone for a bit of extra bling here and added a sparklet to the bottom of the card, so it looks like the sentiment is pinned. On the bike image I again outlined it with rhinestones.

Love dxx

Wall Art- KC BTP product, and October Afternoon paper

In this one, you can see that the piece is just drying.

When I got this one I was stumped at first as how to make it look more. I like to try and make it pop, and it took me a few days of sitting staring at it, ask hubby and fiddling on with paper till I came to this. 

The paint is one I mixed from scratch. Its a mix of JS Aqua and pearl paint. 

The paper is October Afternoon's Christmas papers. I wanted to make it look like you were looking into a world. So fell in love with this NYC paper.  It was tricky to make sure that it looked right so if I had to give any advice don't cut the paper into circles. Leave it as a square and glue it as a square. 

For the bauble string I used rhinestones. I will admit this nearly drove me crackers. Its a small area and I recommend using tweezers.

I then painted some snow flakes in a pearl colour.

This is another fave!

Love d xx

Travel Marci!

Playing with Copic's - Hair Colour- La La Land Marci Stamp

Paper piecing - La La Land's Marci stamp and KC paper

Paper piecing is trick that ive not had very long but I love it! Thank you LLLC for it!

Its so simple but the effect is brill.

Heres how you do it!

1) Stamp you image that you want to colour, here ive used the gorgeous Marci from LLLC, New years eve. Then find your design paper. Stamp the image in the same way. Then cut out the part you want to use, here ive used it for Marci's party dress. The glue to you image you want to use.  BINGO! Marci has an awesome party dress!

love dxx

Phil's valentines card -La La Land Craft's Marci stamp and die, Magnolia ink sentiment stamp, KC card stock

Phil's Tool box! KC BTP product and Collection 'Basecoat'

Mum in Law's Birthday card- KC 'Save the Date'

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Magnolia Ink- Tilda with love is in the air

Ok guys now this is seriously one of my fave all time stamps! She is just so darn cute!!!

So for this card I used a basic cardstock from the Kaisercraft range which has a gorgeous array of colours so you are never short for a gorgeous card! So after I measured 15cmx15cm I folded my card in half (scored with my blade from my Kaisercraft cutter) and that made the main body of my card. 

Now for the fun bit! I stamped out this gorgeous Tilda stamp with Memento 'espresso Truffle' ink pad and let her dry to the side.  I think started to go to work on how I would be decorating the card. I got some beautiful pale pink cardstock in 'Ballet' again the KC range and cut it down to just slightly smaller than what the body of my card is. I then took my sponge ink stamper and dabbed all aound the edge and as you can see slightly into the card itself with Tim Holtz Distress ink pad in 'Vintage Photograph'. Once this dried I think took my distress tool (FYI I LOVE my distress tool!!!) and roughed up the edges to give it that lovely vintage look that I so adore.  In the background you can see some stripy paper- this is from the KC collection 'Little Primrose' which is delicate colours- and layered it behind so it just peeks out.

Then I set to work on Tilda. I use X press it paper with my Copics. I used a mixtures of colours on Tilda's hair - R27, E08, YR61, YR02 and started filling in her hair. Then I went onto her clothes. One of my fave outfit combos for Tilda is the following RV10, R85 and BG10. I love the fresh lovely colour that these produce together.  Then her skin. For this I use a number of different colours and layer it so she looks like she has a little bit of a tan but that lovely flushed cheek. For this my combo is- YR000, E21, R01,R20 and then R30. Once I have these laid down I think take my YR000 and just blend it ever so slightly just incase I have gone a bit OTT.  Lastly I take my colourless blender and just dot her cheeks so it pulls your eyes toward her. 

Now for the part I love BLING! Once I layered all of my papers down I think added some cheesecloth to it. It gives a lovely soft effect. Then some feathers, just a small amount to make it even softer.  Before I placed Tilda on card I added some vintage lace from my stash. The I used regular old PVA glue like on all the papers an glued the lace and Tilda into place. 

Lastly I took some paper blooms from my stash and cut the stems off and positioned them round the top and bottom.  I added some 'Dew drops' which are very cute glass beads to the top right hand corner.  If you notice the shape of the petals Tilda is throwing are hearts! Now I took flat back heart shaped buttons and glued a few round her to make it look a bit more 3D.

And finally, I added a charm to the card. For me charms just add that little bit extra to it.  This time I used a lovely ladies hat, kind of a wedding style one.

And there you have it... my take on Tilda with Love is in the air'

Love D xx

Monday, April 08, 2013

Easel card

Well todays project is mastering the Easel card. Theres lots of variations out there but I am going to stick with the one provided on Youtube by La La Land  crafts.

Ok so this took some doing that's for sure. I cut my cardstock to the size I wanted my card to be. Here ive used Kaisercraft basic card stock in stone. I then folded it in half like you would do a regular card and then folded half back on itself to make the stand for where the main body of the card would be attached. At this point I cut a square large enough from cardstock again and started with my decorating.

Papers used are one of my faves - Kaisercrafts Nans Favorites. This is a beautiful mix of colours along with gorgeous fruit themed paper. For the part of my card that holds the main body of the card I used strawberry themed. For the main body of the card I used the lemon paper which is so fresh and vibrant. The for the bottom part where the card stands up on I used the jade colour. This produced an array of colour. 

Stamp wise I used chef Tilda by Magnolia. She is sitting on the large honey jar also by magnolia. She is coloured in my fave combo of pale pink and muted cool shadow blue. All colouring by Copics. For embellishments I used cheese cloth, distressed the circle that holds Tilda and her jar and added some gorgeous paper blooms by Kaisercraft to this base of card to the folded part has something to pus against while it stands up. I added a lovely little bee style charm ass Tilda has funny bees floating round her jar.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Copic Colouring!

Now if theres one thing that's going take some practice its getting shading right with copics. I for one have spent many an hour sitting in front of Youtube looking and learning. One thing I can say is theres some brilliant, talented people out there so don't be afraid to ask. The main thing to remember with copics is that its mainly what combos you like. To start with on the gorgeous Marci from La La Land Craft, I used the lightest colour to start with my R02 and went across from the crown to the fringe making feather like strokes don't be afraid to get your paper wet/coloured as Copic blend beautifully. Then in smaller strokes than the first take your next colour in like, R05 and make shorter strokes, going in same direction. lastly, take your darkest colour E8 and make smaller feather like strokes. Now take the middle colour and go back over, blending out the colours. once you have the colour you like, take your lightest and blend out further.
The thing I have learnt while using Copic is that patience is defo a virtue, and practice does make perfect! 

Mum's 65th Birthday card- Kaiser papers

Now its a big year for my mum! she is 65! (probably kill me for this lol) so wanted to use a lot of colour as if theres one thing my mum likes it colour and even more than colour its BLING! If it sparkles so loves it #magpiemum!

This card was me thinking about fun fairs. Everyone loves the razzel of a fun fair and KC 'Save the Date' paper is perfect. Out of my friends at craft class I think I am the only one who likes it!!!

For the card I used KC basic cardstock. The paper is the special paper with all the glitter on that comes with the collection. For the embellishments I used the collectables that accompany the collection, which there is a vast array and are all equally pretty. Now for the fave bit of all! the BLING! I have an ongoing relationship with KC sparklets, I just adore them. They come in rainbow colours and are perfect for adding that extra bit to any project. Here you can see ive added them to the corners of the card and to the balloons in pink and aqua. Perfect for person who loves sparkle!

Kaisercraft Christmas wreath -

Now as everyone who knows me knows I am a big fan of Christmas! I just love the season and everything that goes with it.  You can find me even in April making Christmas cards. 

I made this wreath for an elderly neighbor who also adores Christmas. She worries in case someone will take her one off the door (which wont happen up here but she still worries) so made this so she can put it on her living room door and still have the benefit of a wreath without worrying.

This one is deceiving. It looks simple but comes all in different parts. In a way its great as you can make your own style which I did. I didn't end up using all the pieces and donated left oer ones to a friend.  Here I used the 25th December papers. Jo Sonja does the nicest colour metallic paints which look fab on any Christmas project esp the rose gold

Kaisercraft bird house- Bonjour Colletion

So, we have a good sized garden here in the Pilbara which has taken 3 years worth of work but finally is peaceful to sit in im doing now! We have lots of different birds in it along with all the reptiles that have moved in with us. So saw this and thought it was perfect. Haven't actually put it into the garden yet, they fight enough over whose sitting on what branch as it so its in laundry 

Its one of those projects that you need an extra pair of hands *hello husbands/partners/parents/siblings1* but only for the roof to get it glued and held together. Apart from that its pretty cool to do The papers I used are the Kaiserecraft bonjour collection, its a very delicate, soft almost romantic style of papers and what with the birds and the butterflies it suits this project very well. I used the Jo Sonjas acrylic paint in jade for this one and it just adds a slight contrast to the project. 

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

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check out the most awesome stamps at my fave 'Make it Crafty'! love the detail on these stamps!!

Saturated Cannary Card- using Zumba stamp

Morning guys! hope we are all feeling refreshed after a gorgeous Easter weekend. Weather here in Tom Price WA was gorgeous!!

So while hubby was at work I set to and started on a birthday card for a friend back in England who is a massive Zumba fan. So it had to be 'Saturated Canary's Zumba' stamp. I have been DYING to use this on something and its such a fun stamp. I had a fab time colouring and its just such a cute stamp. Like all of SC stamps they are amazing and such good fun! So that was the imagine and the paper were Kaisercraft cardstock and decorative papers from Prima Firefly collection which is such a beautiful mix of colour. So here is my girl all ready to be mounted on her action wobble (coz what Zumba girl EVER sits still!?! )

Stay tuned for the finished product!!

..... And here it is!

Monday, April 01, 2013

Me and my recent craft!

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this is one of the albums we made in my craft class I attend. Wasn't too sure at first as its mainly school stuff and not having kids didn't know what direction to go. In the end I like it a lot! usually the way isn't it? I made into a retro kinda album so it has out name on it like a old school book, and we can put our adventures in. Products used are: Kaisercraft mini album, school days papers by Kaisercraft along with the same embellishments. Add to that some Kaisercraft hoops to hold it together and you have a pretty cool little album!