Friday, April 12, 2013

Wall Art- KC BTP product, and October Afternoon paper

In this one, you can see that the piece is just drying.

When I got this one I was stumped at first as how to make it look more. I like to try and make it pop, and it took me a few days of sitting staring at it, ask hubby and fiddling on with paper till I came to this. 

The paint is one I mixed from scratch. Its a mix of JS Aqua and pearl paint. 

The paper is October Afternoon's Christmas papers. I wanted to make it look like you were looking into a world. So fell in love with this NYC paper.  It was tricky to make sure that it looked right so if I had to give any advice don't cut the paper into circles. Leave it as a square and glue it as a square. 

For the bauble string I used rhinestones. I will admit this nearly drove me crackers. Its a small area and I recommend using tweezers.

I then painted some snow flakes in a pearl colour.

This is another fave!

Love d xx

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