Sunday, April 07, 2013

Copic Colouring!

Now if theres one thing that's going take some practice its getting shading right with copics. I for one have spent many an hour sitting in front of Youtube looking and learning. One thing I can say is theres some brilliant, talented people out there so don't be afraid to ask. The main thing to remember with copics is that its mainly what combos you like. To start with on the gorgeous Marci from La La Land Craft, I used the lightest colour to start with my R02 and went across from the crown to the fringe making feather like strokes don't be afraid to get your paper wet/coloured as Copic blend beautifully. Then in smaller strokes than the first take your next colour in like, R05 and make shorter strokes, going in same direction. lastly, take your darkest colour E8 and make smaller feather like strokes. Now take the middle colour and go back over, blending out the colours. once you have the colour you like, take your lightest and blend out further.
The thing I have learnt while using Copic is that patience is defo a virtue, and practice does make perfect! 

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