Sunday, April 07, 2013

Mum's 65th Birthday card- Kaiser papers

Now its a big year for my mum! she is 65! (probably kill me for this lol) so wanted to use a lot of colour as if theres one thing my mum likes it colour and even more than colour its BLING! If it sparkles so loves it #magpiemum!

This card was me thinking about fun fairs. Everyone loves the razzel of a fun fair and KC 'Save the Date' paper is perfect. Out of my friends at craft class I think I am the only one who likes it!!!

For the card I used KC basic cardstock. The paper is the special paper with all the glitter on that comes with the collection. For the embellishments I used the collectables that accompany the collection, which there is a vast array and are all equally pretty. Now for the fave bit of all! the BLING! I have an ongoing relationship with KC sparklets, I just adore them. They come in rainbow colours and are perfect for adding that extra bit to any project. Here you can see ive added them to the corners of the card and to the balloons in pink and aqua. Perfect for person who loves sparkle!

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