Saturday, April 13, 2013

Playing catch up!

Morning guys!

Hope this post finds you all well.  Just to say, I am playing a bit of catch up here so I am going to add the details to the posts with just pics.  I promise!!!

Today is a none craft day * sad face* as must get some gardening done!!! Those Pilbara weeds are showing their faces again. On that note, it got me thinking about maybe doing another jungle style card... thinking Edwin again, bit of animal print going on! So keep checking back as it will be happening, once my new jungle stamp arrives.

Today apart from gardening is overall washing, hubby got new overalls for work so giving them a wash as currently feel like cardboard. Then maybe indulge in a bit of tv 'The great British bake off' is calling my name and telling me to grab a cuppa! lol. Then a good old English comfort food dish for tea 'bangers and mash'

So hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend!

Remember keep checking back to see what card is next!

Love D xx

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