Thursday, April 25, 2013

Craft 102 aka my advanced kit

Morning guys, ANZAC day today. Let make it a peaceful one for everyone around the world and hope that some learn from recent actions.

Anyhow, thought I would do a follow or a part  2 to my craft kit essentials. This one is for when you move up a level. Once you have the basics down then its time to move on to this which will take you craft projects to the next level.

So here we have what to me is what comes next after you have been crafting for a bit. This is for a couple of reasons 1) they are tricky and 2) they are expensive so no point in investing in these if you are not sure if craft is a passion or not. You don't have to have these in your kit whatever level you are on but it adds a whole new level to your work.

Firstly, The cuttlebug - the green guy at the back- this is an amazing piece of kit and I personally love mine. It can emboss paper/cardstock/material/film. Embossing folders come in every conceivable style/pattern you could wish and add a lovely background to whatever you are creating. Also the Cuttlebug die cuts. Theres is, like the folder, a die for every occasion and they are metal and brilliant. I love mine and my fave are the tags. I just love the styles you can get to add a sentiment.

Secondly. the Scor-Pal. This is a simple thing but makes you card folds neat and crisp. It comes with a bone scorer. They come in metric and imperial and since im an English girl I went for Cm.

Third, which might not be advanced but the washi tape. For me this wasn't something I used straight away. I stuck to the obvious stuff and then discovered it when I wanted to added more embellishment to my projects.  Its paper tape and again comes in so many different styles and prints its crazy.

and finally, my heat gun1 This is a darling piece of kit and is brilliant for embossing. You basically take you clear ink stamp and stamp image as usual. Then tap you embossing powder over the whole image make sure you it a GENEROUS covering and then tap off the excess and pop back into your pot to use for later. Then taking you heat gun CAREFULLY heat the image that you have just stamped. CAREFUL as it gets hot fast. Then once you see it changing stop and you have a beautiful image to add to your card.

Hope that helps, if confused shout out and I will explain more or if you want to know about what inks/folders/dies/powders I use do the same.

Love D x

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