Monday, April 22, 2013

Magnolia Down Under challenge blog - Recycle Baby!


Now its recycle time at Magnolia Down Under's Challenge blog!
This did stump me for a bit I will admit! But finally it came to me! my old candle! I got this for the gardens ages ago with a candle holder I had been eyeing up. Loved the holder but the candle was just a boring old one that ended up being shoved at back of cupboard and the holder is now a pretty little plant pot!
So I have to say thank goodness for Youtube! Here I found the directions to be able to jazz up this boring candle.
1) Firstly take some tissue paper and stamp your stamp on the SHINEY side as this will not absorb the ink as much. Then cut round image and place on candle.
2) Take some baking paper and wrap it round candle and pull tightly on it.
3) CAREFULLY take your heat gun and slowly heat the image. You can see when its done and it doesn't take very long. BE VERY CAREFUL AS WAX GETS HOT.
4) Remove your baking paper and there you have it a personal stamped candle for someone.
For tine I added some stickles glitter glue in magenta and added some rhinestones around it to make it look jazzy.
As it is the image of pink Ribbon Tilda that I used I have tied up the finished product with an old pink hair ribbon.
And that is how you recycle an old candle and make it something lovely.
Love D


  1. Thank you for joining us at MDUC ! Your project is truly nice and creative and thanks for sharing the techniques with us, we really appreciate your work ! See you next challenge:-)) Love:-))
    Ying Pang

  2. yip see you then!!! ive been dying to try stamping on candles so thought why not! xx


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