Thursday, April 18, 2013

Craft 101 aka my kit

Hi guys!!

Hope we are all well? Another hot day in the Pilbara that's for sure, so instead of being out in the heat Im here with you!

So instead of uploading a card thought I would do a little post on what is in my kits, the stuff that I have with me when I craft.

So lets get started.

Firstly, I have the main things that I cannot craft without. My KC paper trimmer, this thing is a God send as it cuts beautifully but not only that it comes with 3 kinds of blades. Firstly, the straight edge, this is what I use I would say 95%  of the time.  Next is the scallop blade. This cuts lovely wavy lines that are neat and tight. Lastly the crease and fold blade, this is a must for me as it gives lovely neat creases.  Then I have my craft knife. This is from Fiskars and is awesome as ergonomically shaped and can get new blade for when you need them. Its rubber handle is perfect for all those crafting hours spent as it doesn't make your hand sore.  It has a great cap to fit over so safe to pop in you pencil case. Along with this is the cutting matt. You can get all styles, makes, and sizes but I love my mat from EK Success for a number of reasons 1) its self healing, 2) its a big size, 3) it wipes clean easy 4) it has allsorts of measurements on it and 5) its pink!

Next scissors. Now you can get many brands but I love KC range. I have the regular size and the small too. I find using two different sizes is the best way. The small ones can get those intricate parts that are just to delicate for regular ones. Having these has changed my life. Remember gang, that if possible always turn your paper as you cut as makes for a neater end result.

Now next in my kit is my tweezers. This picks up the tiny little bits and bobs that we all use. I use mine for the tiny little flat backs that I use. 

My bone stick comes next. Yes that's what I call it. It gives you a lovely neat edge, a nice crisp look in a fold and also helps when positioning things into tight corners. A must! I use Martha Stewards and love it!

Also from Martha Steward I have the awesome circle cutter. This has changed my crafting life! How hard is it to cut a lovely circle? well this makes it sooo easy!!!

Then I have to admit this is my fave fave fave thing in my kit. So simple but so great! My paper distresser. Now they might not look it but they produce some of the prettiest results. I have two kinds as I find one gives a harder distress than the other. My opinion so go with what you find best.  I have a 'Making Memories' and  'Heidi Swapp' one too. The Heidi one is the one I find can give that really rugged look, and is the one I used on my Australia Tilda card a few posts back.

Now I am not a fan of mess. The girls at my craft class will tell you I do not like getting messy. A crafter who doesn't like getting messy was a revelation but I some how manage to keep tidy. Blame my dad I inherited it from him! So ink and me were enemies for a lonnnnngg time as I couldn't distress my paper and stay walked the 'inkssentials' tool and my life is happy! This tool is a little handle with a piece of Velcro attacked and you can pat on your ink and distress the edges of you paper, create sky, create grass and stay clean! The pads wash lovely and dry fast but you can all so buy them from your local craft store.

And lastly, in the pic you can see my Copics. These are my babies! I LOVE them. blend them, move the ink and these babies are brill. Yes they cost a bit but my are they worth it. You don't have to buy them in packs can buy them individually whatever works for you.

So basically that's my kit. I have other stuff but that's a level up really. This post was like 'Craft 101' for getting started.

Love D xx

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