Friday, April 12, 2013

Fathers day present - My dad! BTP product and 'Basecoat'

Again this is for my dad! Since he has retired he is never really off his bike. Loves it and is far too fit for his own good lol. Plus he is a huge book worm so had to do these for him.  Now as you can see when the pic was taken I hadn't totally finished it but all was left to do was the very little squares at the join.

The bike itself is painted in Jo Sonja's acrylics metallic and black. I masked the joints of the bike to could keep nice neat lines.  When it was dry I then added bling to the wheels in the form of black rhinestones. I positioned these in a certain way- to make it look like tyre treads I has two together and one underneath and they make very cute tyres.

The body of the bookends is painted again in JS acrylic paint. I just love this colour blue!

Now for the papering.  For the grass I used KC 'Class act'. Now for the side part I used the gorgeous stone paper from 'Basecoat' collection.

Now on the base of the book ends I added a newspaper, some gold specs, and little books. These are from my personal stash found while looking on line. Enjoy! xx

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